October 25, 2016

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Scholaranium has a wide category of questions such as Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning And Reading Comprehension and under each category it has several sub-categories which further drills it down to the basic fundamentals.
As a non native speaker, I was pretty comfortable with quants but not so much with Verbal. As a student targeting above 700, it is of utmost important to analyze where I need more practice int he verbal section and Scholaranium helped me a lot with it. The Ability test's let's you measure where you currently stand in each of the above sections mentioned. It also displays a pictorial representation of your current progress , helping to identify your weak areas on which you can work upon.

I would recommend Scholaranium as it is a very helpful tool to identify your weak areas and then target them.It is a very good tool for practice and improvement and it did help me a lot in some type of CR and SC questions. 

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