November 14, 2016

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Thanks to e-gmat.10 points improvement in verbal score..


You cannot crack GMAT without solving the problem which are very similar to the one asked in actual GMAT.
Scholaranium is one such course which helped me practice GMAT exam like questions .The course gives you flexibility to select the questions from ares where you are weak.
I was really weak at idioms and verb tense.I solved as many as 50 questions from each module and perfected my excellence to 98% accuracy in just 1 day.The test is fantastic as it tells you
exactly which area you are weak at and help you identify your weakness so that you can work on them.Before buying e gmat Scholaranium i was solving question bank from other sources such as Kaplan ,princeton and Manhattan and i really regret i wasted my time and money .e-GMAT have it all.Thanks to e gmat CEO Rajat and his team .You guys really helped a native speaker like me to improve my score.

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