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I have always considered myself more of a verbal wizz, rather than quant, simply because i can speak 3 languages in a fluent manner. I know that i have grammar problems here and there, but i thought it was nothing serious...until i started my GMAT preparation and got to the verbal section. You all know the specifics of SC, CR and RC so i won't dive into that, but boy was i surprised when i got v28 after my first attempt at GMAT. I was upset, but i knew my mistakes. I had some prior knowledge that helped me get to that score, but that was about it. I had no specific approach, didn't know what should i pay attention to when answering CR questions, or a logic behind SC, and the texts in RC seemed way out of my league. But that all changed when i discovered e-GMAT's course and their method of approaching verbal questions.
Once you complete their course and build up the base of the knowledge required, you jump into Scholaranium, a place where you polish and strengthen all that you learnt.

Scholaranium offers you this awesome way of targeting your weak areas and improving them. Scholaranium ability quizzes don't just show your accuracy, but also pinpoint where you need to focus. Once you go through ability quiz, you can make your own custom quiz, in which you can answer questions one by one, reading detailed explanations and paying attention to a time it took you to answer that question. I really liked the explanations and structural approach, they help you better visualize what is going on in the argument or a sentence. And a very important thing about Scholaranium is that it teaches you to pay attention to details and logic used in arguments and sentences. There are more than enough questions in its bank to help you understand verbal section specifics and how to approach them. As for the difficulty, all the sections are almost identical to GMAC style, some might seem a bit harder, but they surely test how good you are at spotting various concepts being tested. The interface is also very comfortable to work with.

All in all Scholaranium is a great tool that helps you improve. But remember, that it is best used when you have solid base in concepts that e-GMAT teaches you, without the base one cannot build a house.

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