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E-gmat schloranium


I had given my GMAT 2 years ago (610- V28, Q47) and my critical reasoning was disastrous. i was jus giving a fluke in SC and i used to get some right and some math was not that good , but always knew that i could pick up math in the last minute. i was from engineering background and was good at the basics in math. i was doing good at mocks, especially math section.

Then, i happened to read about e-gmat in gmatclub. Tried enquiring about the course through my friends and everybody had a good feedback.i did not want to go by the herd. decided to take a demo session by e-gmat. i fell for it in the first session itself.the session was about sentence correction and the way you approach in e-gmat is different. The way a question is broke up into clauses and then analysed. the way primary empahsis is given on the meaning etc.. i decided to go for it.

The CR videos were really helpful. the concept of pre-thinking made things easier for me. the strategy to attack each and every type of CR questions are clearly explained in the e-gmat course. the videos are desinged in such a way that i never felt as though i was preparing for gmat.watching the videos were fun and the learning used to happen simultaneously. short excercise after each topic also helped a lot in recollecting.

The strategies for RC were just the best in e-gmat. it helped me in boosting my confidence.the strategies seem time consuming in the beginning but eventually i picked up and mastered RC.

The best thing about e-gmat is the SC. the way each sentence is split into clauses and understandig the meaning of the given sentence is the just outstanding.
When I submitted the test, I saw my score report in which I had just one (Hard) question wrong out of a total of 4 RC passages. This was my biggest confidence booster and I was sure that my GMAT would go well this time, which it did!

I finished by Quant section 10 minutes in advance and my Verbal section 15 minutes in advance and landed up with a V39, Q48 and a total of 710. so i have my target score and nothing more to think about.

Thank you e-GMAT and hope this serves as motivation to everyone.

All the best to you all !!

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