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Veritas Prep Review
March 23 | 2012
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Location: Online
Taught by: Kevin Richardson

I chose the Veritas Prep online course. I would have liked to have taken the course in person but as it was not offered in my city I opted for the online course. Let me start out by saying that the course was extremely comprehensive. So much so that I wish I had scheduled the GMAT for a few weeks after the completion of the course just to ensure I could fully review everything presented. Alas I had applications deadlines approaching and took the test the week that I finished the course.
Even without extra study time after the course I still went in feeling extremely confident and was able to hit my target GMAT score. Veritas really helped me bone up on my math skills, which is the area that I was most concerned about. The materials that they provided for the course are excellent and I plan to keep them around in case I need to brush up on any of the quantitative material in the future.
Overall the entire course was a great learning experience and I know that I would not have been able to do as well as I did on the GMAT without it.

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