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November 04 | 2013
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Location: Online
Taught by: Ravi Sreerama

Taking the live online course through Veritas was a great way to start my journey towards taking the GMAT. The way the course is outlined and the study material that is provided helps you develop the skills that are needed for the exam. I also had an amazing instructor - Ravi Sreerama. He has a great personality and kept the class engaged and excited during our 6 weeks with him. He sent us emails and took the time during class to private chat with us to make sure we understood each concept, or ask us questions that would get us thinking if we were on the wrong track. Ravi gave the class great test prep tips and insight that we wouldn't have had through a traditional online course. I highly recommend the Veritas Live Online course and specifically, Ravi Sreerama as your instructor!

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