November 11, 2013

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Course Veritas Prep Full Course Live Online

Instructor Ravi Sreerama

Location Online

I first took the GMAT on about 3 weeks of studying and scored an abyssmal 510....I was so mad and frustrated, almost felt like giving up until I started researching Prep programs. I went with Veritas because of the great reviews.

3-4 weeks into the class I was scoring in around 650s without any intensive offline studying. I would do the skillbuilders before each class and do some homework problems after class but I was in no way spending the time I needed to but was still managing to score much better than I had thought I could.

I attribute my success to RAVI SREERAMA. I think he was pure awesomeness. He instilled some core concepts in us that helped me tremendously as I took practice exams. The time management techniques he taught us helped me very much. Before the class I was struggling finishing the exam but after this class I finish both the quant and verbal sections on average 5-10 minutes before the time was up.

Even though I haven't taken the test yet I think the concepts that were taught in the course were great and I think I've gotten an amazing foundation to start hitting these books again (I've been super lazy) and get that 700+.

In all honesty, its about the proctor when it comes to these courses. I was able to reach Ravi any time offline and he was always very helpful and jovial with his responses. He really knew how to keep things light so one does not feel too distraught when things don't really sink in the way they should.

I fully recommend Veritas and their program but I also highly recommend Ravi as the MAN for the job.

Best of luck to everyone trying to tame this BEAST known as the GMAT.

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