March 26, 2014

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Course Veritas Prep Full Course Live Online

Instructor Ravi Sreerama

Location Online

As anyone who has taken a GMAT prep course knows, the quality of your instructor can make a world of difference. Such was the case with my experience with Veritas Prep. Undoubtedly, the various companies who offer GMAT preparation courses all have a solid value proposition. However, what set the Veritas Prep course apart for me was not the breadth of the texts (which were very good, for the record), but rather the quality of my instructor, Ravi Sreerama.

To say that Ravi was instrumental in my preparation is an understatement. The GMAT, more than any other standardized test, is ultimately about strategy. Most people signing up for the GMAT already have the skill set to answer a majority of questions. It is the strategy which really sets apart a 500 level score from a 700 score. And the hope of better understanding that strategy is how I justified the cost of the course. Ravi's teaching style truly exceeded my expectations. Ravi has an ability to break down a question not only to find the right answer, but perhaps more importantly to understand why a question is worded the way it is, to identify the trap answers, and ultimately to demonstrate why you should have been able to save 20 seconds answering it.

I have been previously very disappointed by the quality of MOOC's and my biggest concern in signing up for Veritas prep was that I was only able to take an online version of the course with my work schedule. Looking back, I think I even had a better experience because I took the online version of the course - and again, I'm going to have to credit Ravi. One must remember in the classroom, they don't necessarily receive the personal attention of the instructor. In taking the online course with Ravi, I received constant feedback - even in my class of 25. As I mentioned above, his ability to illuminate patterns in my errors - always falling for trap answers in combinatorics problems for example or consistently spending too much time on geometry questions - really helped me guide my studying accordingly.

In short, the ROI from this course came down to the quality of instructor - and Ravi is the real deal.

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