February 18, 2015

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Course Veritas Prep Full Course Live Online

Instructor Ravi Sreerama

Location Online

I haven't really taken any standardized tests and was at a loss on how to begin working on the GMAT (I'm from New Zealand and we don't really have such tests). After searching through a number of reviews on GMAT forums I found so many great ones on Ravi Sreerama and as a result decided I should go for it. The cost was initially a bit prohibitive and I wasn't sure if I could be satisfied with an online only class but boy am I glad I did the course. I'd take an online course with Ravi over a face to face course somewhere else. He's that good!

The Veritas prep course materials are excellent but Ravi's teaching style is clearly the reason many join his class. I certainly am very happy I did. I learned a great deal and have improved in my test taking immensely.

I highly recommend taking Ravi's class - you will not be disappointed.

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