March 27, 2015

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Course Veritas Prep Full Course Live Online

Instructor Ravi Sreerama

Location Online

Hi all,

I wanted to write this review heartfelt as I was extremely happy and thrilled with the Veritas course prep and especially with my instructor Ravi Sreerama. First of all, their course content is extremely good. You have umpteen resources available on the online account (once u register) to work with starting from basics to advanced content, techniques, think-like-testmaker strategies etc. The course structure is very well laid out and the problem sets and practice tests are extremely beneficial tools for success.
Talking about Ravi, I really loved every minute of his class. I cant say more how delighted and awakened i'm after his classes. It was an absolute eye-opener in terms of various tips, strategies and simply his way of running the class. He's extremely knowledgeable, knows every bit of the GMAT test content, concepts, strategies and more importantly his unique and fool-proof approach to any type of question. Just by following his strategies and techniques, I have started making great progress in test preparation, cutting down my careless mistakes etc.
I simply urge every aspiring candidate to consider Ravi and Veritas for your Testprep and i'm confident you will feel as thrilled and excited as I'm.


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