November 21, 2013

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Course Veritas Prep In-Person Full Course

Instructor Ravi Sreerama

Location Los Angeles, CA USA

I took the GMAT after I completed my undergrad about 5.5 years ago. I am now applying to business school and my old scores expired. I originally took a prep course and my math knowledge was fresh from college but I only scored a 640.

A few months ago, I took a practice test and got the same result - a 640. So, I decided to sign up for the Veritas Prep class to refresh. This time, however, I had an outstanding instructor, Ravi Sreerama, that made all the difference in the world. The class was small and his straightforward learning style was exactly what I needed. Ravi is crazy smart, has a thorough grasp of the material and most importantly, he is an outstanding teacher. He is also likable and entertaining.

After taking his class, I was able to score a 690 - and to be honest, its my fault I didn't do better. I got off pace during the test and was left guessing several at the end on Verbal and Quant.

He has gone out of his way since the class ended and he's discussed with me some strategies to push that score up even higher. I am planning to retake in a month. But am already happy with my score. I never thought I would be reaching for 700+.

Thanks Ravi!

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