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Course Veritas Prep In-Person Full Course

Instructor Ravi Sreerama

Location Los Angeles, CA USA

The Veritas course is a well-structured course with tons of material available to the student. The books provided as part of the course are easy to follow and the Veritas website has video for all the lessons (so you can review them at your own time), a lot of problems (with their respective solutions) and several GMAT practice tests.
I selected instructor Ravi Sreerama after reading some of the reviews on this website and I have to say I’m very happy with my decision. Ravi is a great instructor. He is friendly, very knowledgeable, and you can tell he truly enjoys teaching and cares about the students’ success. Ravi not only provides you with the knowledge you need to answer the problems correctly but he also gives you insightful tips and strategies which are key when taking the GMAT exam. Thanks.

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