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Course Veritas Prep Weekend Course Live Online

Instructor Ravi Sreerama

Location Online

The Veritas Prep Course is informative and prepares you for the exam. For the first three weeks, I had an instructor that was on M/W at 7-10 and unfortunately the time was not working out with my schedule and it did not help with me comprehending the material as I was burnt out from a long day from the office, so I switched courses to S/S 12-3 and fortunately was able to take Ravi. He was able to relate the information in it's simplistic form, which made it easy to understand. Also, he kept a tight ship and had some good guidelines as to how to keep the class moving. He always messaged you privately if you were on the right track and got back to you immediately with other questions.

As for the exam itself, I decided to post-pone until the Fall as I am in no rush to begin my MBA. I would HIGHLY recommend that ANYONE who is looking to begin their GMAT-MBA path, actually think about WHY they want to do it and HOW it will be beneficial. I unfortunately did not think those through and was taking the course simply because I had some free-time to knock it out. I was not in the right mindset so I simply recommend those really make sure you can dedicate 1-3 months of effective studying.

Lastly, Ravi instilled this theory, "Do it Once, Do it Right" in that when you study, make sure you do it correctly so you dont have to retake. Great guy and very personable.

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