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[Tests] Experts' Global Reviews

[Tests] Experts' Global Experts' Global GMAT Practice Tests
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May 28, 2019

Joined: Nov 06, 2016

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710 Q50 V36

Mock Tests Review for Experts Global


Mock tests are an intrinsic part of the GMAT preparation process and it is extremely important that one opts for a proper GMAT mock. In my opinion, a proper GMAT mock will qualify as one that is as closely similar as possible in test format, number of questions, type of questions, difficulty level, and scoring format to the actual GMAT test. While there are numerous options available in the market, I will suggest every GMAT aspirant to go for the Experts’ Global GMAT mock series and my reasons for preferring Experts’ GMAT mock test series are manifold:
• Number of tests – I was amazed to find that the Experts’ Global package provides 15 practice tests, a number significantly higher than what most GMAT mock series provides. Thus, I had the option to practice more extensively and master my weakness.
• The Analytics – Experts’ GMAT mock series has wonderful analytics and software. Not only was the entire learning process fun but also easy and enriching. For instance, the program provided me with a detailed analysis of my performance – time taken to solve each question and my weak areas. Further, the software also provided thorough explanation on not only how to solve the question but also the best approach to solving the question. I enjoyed the innovative features of the entire program.
• Type of Questions and Score – I can confidently say that enough effort has been invested in developing this program. The type of questions and the score largely resemble that of the GMAT’s. My mock test score was indeed a perfect assessment of my level of preparedness.
• Cost – Surprisingly, for all the elaborate features that the Experts’ GMAT mock series provides, the tests are unbelievably low priced. I am certain that making the series so much cost-effective reflects the company’s honest intent to help as many GMAT aspirants as possible.
These tests are the most comprehensive test that I have ever found. With Experts’ Global GMAT practice test, I scored a 710 on my GMAT!
I earnestly vouch for the Experts’ Global GMAT mock series as this is the best tool to practice and test your concepts.

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September 26, 2019

Joined: Jun 05, 2019

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660 Q50 V31

Experts Global 15 Practice tests review


Its questions are of excellent quality and what’s more they also come in great quantity. This test series includes fifteen full-length tests, for only 50$. For that same price, every other test series would give you seven, at the most. This is not just competitive pricing, mind you. Expert’s Global’sapproach to exam prep involves frequent and consistent testing. They advise their students to give as many tests as possible, so that they can develop the endurance needed for the real GMAT. What’s more, just like with building physical endurance, it is much better to work on a greater number of exercises, over time, rather than a bunch of them, at once.
However, the gmat scores are not emblematic og your real performance. I got 700+ in more than 9 tests but my real gmat score was only 660.

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October 04, 2019

Thank you for your kind words about the test series.
Regarding scoring, please understand that different students respond differently to the pressure of the actual exam. If you crossed 700 on our mocks, it is likely that the exam pressure got the better of you and you must consider a re-take. If so, please take adequate sleep, keep a relaxed frame of mind, and take the test as just another mock. Here are some final tips that may help-
All the best!
Expers' Global team

August 12, 2019

Joined: Jan 15, 2018

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720 Q50 V37

Experts' Global Practice Tests - Must Have for GMAT Test Takers


- Quality of questions similar to the ones on GMAT Prep and real GMAT in terms of pattern and flavor.
- Testing user interface exceedingly similar to GMAT Prep/Real GMAT
- Brilliant post-test analytics
- 15 Practices tests at $50

As a GMAT Club moderator, I took the Experts' global course and practice tests included in the course. To be honest, I found the practice tests quite similar to the official practice tests offered by GMAT Prep. After each test, the software provides an in depth analysis of your performance. I can say on record that no other test prep company's practice tests provide such brilliant analytics. Most GMAT experts advise test takers to analyze every single practice test and having a ready made analysis after a test makes the job easier. Post test analysis includes progress graph for the overall test and each individual section, pie charts for incorrect questions topic wise for each section, bar graphs for accuracy in terms of topics and difficulty level, etc.

Very importantly, the predictive algorithm works effectively as you can feel the test gets tougher when you perform well. Also, the striking resemblance of the testing interface with real-GMAT helps to create an ideal testing condition. 15 Practices tests at $50 is absolutely incredible given an official exam pack with 2 practice tests costs $49.

I highly recommend the test series for the above mentioned reasons. I hope my review helps test takers to choose Experts' Global practice tests.

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August 07, 2019

Joined: Jun 01, 2017

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Very nice test questions and up to the level of actual GMAT


There are total 15 tests , all of which are of same level of actual Gmat , I felt that they have given more importance to verbal section.
The test analysis would have been better if it were more concise and more detailed one.
The questions of the tests are from their hard question series which makes the tests predictable for the students who study the expert global material.
overall I like the tests they are very good , even you can study from them . revision of tests will give you more idea about you lags in the test and actual feel of the GMAT . the I section is also tough .

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August 06, 2019

Joined: Sep 16, 2018

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730 Q49 V40

Great mocks


I tried out the free samples of a few different GMAT mock test series and I think Experts’ Global’s is the best one. It has the greatest number of tests, questions that can match the official mock tests in quality, a testing screen that greatly resembles GMAT’s (which gives it the real feel of GMAT), perfect scoring and a great analysis system.

It also has a few interesting little features that made prep a lot more convenient. Such as, the flag button, which let me save important questions, so that I could go through them, at length, later.

The best thing is the brilliant analysis you get after the competion of every test making the long hours spent in taking the tests really worth it and making the analysis really deep and simple at the same time.

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July 07, 2019

Joined: Apr 15, 2018

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Self-reported Score:
720 Q48 V40

Perfect test series for relentless practice


The best test series among all. Great questions, fine scoring, very good explanations, complete look and feel of GMAT in interface, and brilliant analysis of performance after every mock. Weakness detection is particularly a great feature.

I needed a test series with high number of tests as I needed a lot of practice under time stress. These 15 mocks really helped as I used these not only for practice but also for building concepts and learning shorter ways of solving difficult questions. I would watch the videos even for questions I got wrong and the analytics were really helpful in realising areas that needed focus.

A great platform, an outstanding series of mocks exams. Great stuff.

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July 07, 2019

Joined: Apr 24, 2019

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Quality test with amazing analytics


Experts Global provides maximum number of tests. There are 15 test in this test series. The quality of these test is very good.
The difficulty pattern of the questions increase as one will expect in real GMAT on his/her way to 700+ score. Again as in the online course exercises, each question's solution is explained through a video.

The analytics are great too. There is a progress graph for overall exam plus individual sections. There are pie charts for mistakes committed in sections and bar graphs for for topic wise accuracy and difficulty wise accuracy.

Lastly, The interface is very much similar to actual GMAT interface.

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June 30, 2019

Joined: May 10, 2018

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760 Q49 V42

Best mocks for GMAT


The test series of 15 mocks by Experts Global is great, the best in the world of GMAT!

The quality of questions is very high and challenging as well as strictly on the GMAT pattern. The scoring is not off and a very decent suggestion of where you stand. The explanations are detailed and the video explanations are really helpful.

The best part on their platform is the analytics as they really give a very deep analysis of performance and you save a lot of time in doing it yourself; moreover, the kind of analysis their portal gives is probably manually impossible.

A part of their analysis that gave accuracy on slowest 20% of the test was a particular eye opener for me as I realized that when I was spending extra time, I was mostly getting the questions wrong. This taught me to avoid spending extra time on questions I struggled with and instead focus on doing rest of the questions correctly.

In my opinion, this test series is a must-have for any GMAT aspirant. A good part is that it is also very economical as you get 15 tests for just $50 so even if one is enrolled with some other course, one can afford this test series and have a great option for tests and analysis.

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June 22, 2019

Joined: Mar 26, 2013

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Full test experience


I opted for EG mock as it was best representative of the GMAT exam. It comes with affordable price for 15 tests. The interface resembles the real exam and it helps my brain to adopt the feeling of real GMAT setting. The quant questions themselves are close to the questions you can encounter in real tests. The verbal ones are great but I prefer to stick to offcial questions, especially the CR and SC. The solution and explanation are great too. Then here comes the analytics in which I can analyze my performance and work on my weaknesses. IMO, EG could provide some live assistance for any doubts that could face the students.

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June 17, 2019

Joined: Sep 12, 2018

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760 Q50 V41

15 great mocks...!!


The best GMAT test series of mock tests. Questions that are similar to real questions in all respects. The difficulty is just fine how it is on the GMAT or GMAT PREP especially if you are going to score high and therefore face a more difficult exam. Screen is just like the GMAT screen and the best thing is the analysis you get after completing every exam.

The fee is low and the resources really big. Great for practice or for knowing your preparation for the GMAT or for knowing your weakness or for learning new concepts and methodologies for solving difficult questions.

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