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June 11, 2019

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710 Q49 V39

The best resource to practice timing strategy


I started with EG test series after my second attempt at GMAT. I found the test series pattern very close to that of the real exam. Especially the quants questions were very representative. I made a point to re-do all the questions that I got incorrect in Quants sections a week before the exam, and I must say this strategy really helped me a lot in finding my weak areas and staying confident in the exam. EG team is also very accessible and quick to revert on mails. I will definitely recommend these tests to anyone who wants to test the pacing strategy for the main day.

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June 06, 2019

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Best Practice tests..!!


Well, GMAT is all about understanding the concepts well and practicing enough. To be able to realize my dream of pursuing an MBA, I would have to get a good GMAT score. I wanted to practice enough to be able to master the concepts, the time, and the difficulty level of the questions. Experts’ Global’s complete practice test series, comprising of 15 full-length tests, more than the average number of practice tests available in the market, was the resource to help me fulfill my career aspiration. Also, the strong analytics incorporated in the series provided me with an accurate analysis of my performance and the areas I needed to work hard in. I recommend Experts’ Global’s GMAT Practice Tests for anyone looking to seriously practice and improve their GMAT performance

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May 28, 2019

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710 Q50 V36

Mock Tests Review for Experts Global


Mock tests are an intrinsic part of the GMAT preparation process and it is extremely important that one opts for a proper GMAT mock. In my opinion, a proper GMAT mock will qualify as one that is as closely similar as possible in test format, number of questions, type of questions, difficulty level, and scoring format to the actual GMAT test. While there are numerous options available in the market, I will suggest every GMAT aspirant to go for the Experts’ Global GMAT mock series and my reasons for preferring Experts’ GMAT mock test series are manifold:
• Number of tests – I was amazed to find that the Experts’ Global package provides 15 practice tests, a number significantly higher than what most GMAT mock series provides. Thus, I had the option to practice more extensively and master my weakness.
• The Analytics – Experts’ GMAT mock series has wonderful analytics and software. Not only was the entire learning process fun but also easy and enriching. For instance, the program provided me with a detailed analysis of my performance – time taken to solve each question and my weak areas. Further, the software also provided thorough explanation on not only how to solve the question but also the best approach to solving the question. I enjoyed the innovative features of the entire program.
• Type of Questions and Score – I can confidently say that enough effort has been invested in developing this program. The type of questions and the score largely resemble that of the GMAT’s. My mock test score was indeed a perfect assessment of my level of preparedness.
• Cost – Surprisingly, for all the elaborate features that the Experts’ GMAT mock series provides, the tests are unbelievably low priced. I am certain that making the series so much cost-effective reflects the company’s honest intent to help as many GMAT aspirants as possible.
These tests are the most comprehensive test that I have ever found. With Experts’ Global GMAT practice test, I scored a 710 on my GMAT!
I earnestly vouch for the Experts’ Global GMAT mock series as this is the best tool to practice and test your concepts.

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May 26, 2019

Joined: Oct 27, 2018

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750 Q49 V42

Simply the best test series for GMAT


These 15 mocks, together with the short videos, were probably the best thing to have happened to my GMAT preparations.

The tests represent the GMAT in a wonderful way. The quality of questions, scope of syllabus, difficulty of questions, test taking screen, scoring, and features are quite how it is on the GMAT.

Every test gives you some great numerical and visual analysis of your performance so you get to learn a lot about how your prep is going and where you need to focus more. The system has several such smart features that act as both interesting tools as well as guidance mechanisms for making the prep more streamlined and logical.

An extremely intelligent platform!

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May 25, 2019

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530 Q42 V22

Great analytic tool


I signed up to get the free test first. Since the test experience was very nice, I bought 14tests pack. How accurate is it? I feel like its very nice tool but i can only tell you after my exam how accurate the tests are.
Why I write the review now because I feel that nothing else can get you closer to your target score than sitting through the test again and again and analyze your mistakes and areas you need to do improve. They offer such a detailed analytics; this is the exact product I was looking for 2 weeks before the scheduled date. I also tried the version where you have boldface and remainder questions to practice. I do think it is very nicely structured and learning oriented with its gmat shoots, which are short videos for you to repeat the most important contents.

Critic: After I solve the question there are solutions with videos. I think the solutions, explanations could be much more focused on how to solve the question then just giving the right answer. Presenting one or two practical way to solve the question would be nice
Also, at the test the clock turns red when exceeded time for the question, which is very nice. Would be nice if GMAT would adopt red clock as well, but they don’t. So this might distort the test experience a little.

I give 5 stars because I'm super happy for this analytic test tool. I’m just revising the week areas from my notes and keep improving. Please note that I covered the test material from other sources so I cannot say how beneficial is that part.

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May 17, 2019

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740 Q51 V38

Outstanding Test Series


Having attempted tests from all the main test series, I can vouch that Experts' Global's tests are better than all the other test series combined!

Other test series provide just 2-7 tests, Experts Global's test series provides 15 full length tests.

Next, there are video explanations to all questions- something completely missing in all the other test series.

Scoring is a great representation of one's true GMAT level. My score on the last GMAT Prep was almost similar to the average score I got in the last 3 tests on Experts' Global.

The analytics are really hefty and useful- completely missing in other tests.

Crucial: The questions in Experts Global's mocks have a true feel of GMAT.

Let me share an experience with a non-EG mock- On the free test of another, most reputed, test series, I got 15 quant questions incorrect and still getting a 50- something that will never happen on GMAT or GMATPrep. This is because probably those guys understand how difficult and non-representative of GMAT their quant section is and therefore, they have designed their tests to give a high score despite getting so many questions wrong.

Experts Global seems to have taken care of these nuances in their tests as well as scoring; not only my sectional and total scores in their tests matched with those in GMAT prep, even my number of incorrect attempts did! With such quality and similarity to GMAT, when you complete an Experts Global mock, you get the feeling that you took a genuine, GMAT-like test- which is how a good test series should be!

An outstanding test series. Their first test comes free; please take it and see it yourself.

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May 20, 2019

Hello Ankit,

Thanks for your positive feedback.

All the best!

May 16, 2019

Joined: Jan 28, 2014

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730 Q51 V38

Tests that are very close to actual tests

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I opted for the 14 tests provided by the Experts global and found them very close to the actual GMAT test.
While preparing for individual subjects , I used to take the tests almost every week and they helped me get comfortable with the real environment of the GMAT. The tests are adaptive and the level of questions is also very relatable to GMAT.
It provides a good barometer to analyze where you stand currently and the detailed analysis gives a clarity on areas to work upon.
I highly recommend the practice tests to anyone who is looking to have a close enough experience of actual GMAT.

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May 20, 2019

Hello Pralabh,

Thanks for your kind words.

All the best!

May 16, 2019

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720 Q49 V39

I used Experts' test series for my GMAT prep. The series comes with 15 mocks, which contain questions at par with the official GMAT questions. The scoring algorithm very closely replicates the actual GMAT test scoring algorithm. I got the same official score as my last mock score even at the sectional level (this could be a mere co-incidence, but in general you can get a fair idea of how you'll perform in the official test through your scoring trend). The insights at the end of each test are scientifically designed and help us in monitoring our performance and making necessary course correction. The test series helped me in raising my score from 600 to 720 (Q49 V39) in just 21 days. I highly recommend Experts' test series for GMAT prep.

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