March 06, 2023

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I signed up for Magoosh Premium after my first attempt as I was looking for something that would not only help me identify the blind spots in my learning but also challenge my current skills with hard questions. Magoosh Premium was the only additional course I signed up for and it met most of my expectations! :)

The journey was arduous at times, especially with the Very Hard Quant and SC questions, questions that challenged my thought process and approach to the core. But I learnt a lot in the process, as the explanations, lessons and blog posts were really helpful. I also had a couple of tutoring sessions with Tom who helped me with some really useful GMAT test taking strategies. He also helped me calm down and added positivity to my process. Finally, the e-mail support provided by the team was quick and elaborate.

Thank you very much to the entire team for coming up a really well structured course and for providing swift and insightful support. Special shoutout to Tom, Kristin, Jonathan, Karryn, and Adrienne

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May 29, 2023

Wow. Awesome score! Did not realize you have used Magoosh 👍