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There were number of issues with the course - it might work for you, but it didn't work for me. I am a non-native Indian engineer and I was struggling in verbal section. After attending the "catchy" web session of Rajat and Payal, I bought Verbal online course. Even after going through all the chapters and quizzes, I was not able to crack SC questions from OG or GMAT Prep. The three step process was just a "process" with no content. What is the use of strategy, if there is no content?? Later, I bought RC course also, but again similar to their "three step SC process", e-GMAT categorized the RC wrong answers too - something like, "out of context"; "out of scope" etc... It didn't help much, as most of the time was getting waste in categorization only... Passage summary also doesn't help much, though e-GMAT asks you to use it a lot... I didn't improve my score - just wasted my precious time and money on it... I asked for the guaranteed refund also, but e-GMAT denied any refund, saying it is applicable only on "live" courses - well read the fine print and terms and conditions well before making a purchase...

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