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e-GMAT: Probably the best verbal course for non-native speaker


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I had done enough research to realize that for a non-native English speaker, e-GMAT was the best choice, so went ahead with the same. Fair to say, I was not disappointed.

SC: This is e-GMAT 's USP IMO. The depth and width of concepts that they cover is amazing, and I got clarity in the SC concepts. But on the higher difficulty level questions, this would have eliminated only 3 options. This is where the meaning based approach helped me. Always gauge the sentence by the meaning / logic it wants to convey, and then look for the grammatical errors in the sentence. This will reap dividends.

CR: I definitely benefitted from e-GMAT 's 3 stage approach. Identifying premises and attacking the conclusion keeping premises in mind by pre-thinking helped a lot.

RC: Full marks to e-GMAT in simplifying RC concepts. IMO, RC is just about practice. The answers are already with you in form of the passage. You have to be focused to be attentive, and be present throughout the passage. e-GMAT has good practice passages on RC

I found e-GMAT 's Scholaranium tool to be really valuable as well. It covers a good mix of easy to difficult questions, and allows you to test your skills accordingly. It helped me track my performance as well and gave me confidence that I was progressing in the right direction.

Special callout for Nava from e-GMAT when I reached out to them seeking help post my two failures in 2020. The level of detailed ESR analysis and recommendations provided by him was commendable.

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