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Egmat course review


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Course e-GMAT Mentorship

Instructor Rida Shafeek

Location Online

The Egmat course is an extremely useful tool to approach the GMAT exam. It is a very structured course with great walkthroughs and pointers throughout. The Scholaranium 2.0 tool is very convenient for practice and allows for rapid improvement with its range of questions and explanations. The meaning based approach for SC questions in verbal is great but still feel the actual test is more inclined towards testing idiomatic structure. The mentorship programme too is a great part of Egmat as you are guided in a very focused manner towards the examination by experts personally. The best parts of the course are the comprehensive analysis it throws at you at each stage, the variety of topics and questions and some fairly accurate mocks. All in all after being exposed to few other popular Gmat preparation programmes I would personally reccomend the Egmat platform.

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