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Course overview(Verbal) :
The e-gmat courses on verbal are best suited for people looking for a considerable improvement in their ability in SC, CR and RC. My personal favorite is the SC course with detailed applications for each of the concepts to cement the learning. The approaches provided are really handy and I would recommend this for aspirants with weak SC.

CR and RC for me were majorly about slight improvements here and there and I felt the course structure is straight forward to build your skillset specific to GMAT.

Scholaranium acts as the guiding tool for measuring your ability.
Important tips :
1. Do not jump into scholaranium practice before finishing at least Level 1 of any course. I made that mistake and ended up losing a lot of precious time.
2. Attend the onboarding session which is conducted regularly. This will help structure your preparation. I attended the session by Nava later in the preparation and it helped not lose valuable time.
3. Do go through the comments/questions in each of the lessons, you will end up clarifying most of your doubts.
4. Work with the mentors and create a personalized plan tailor made to your needs. This is really important and can save significant time in your preparation.

While I plan for my retake, I am working with DJ and others for a personalized plan. Hope this review helps aspirants get an overview of the e-gmat course.

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