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I didn't know what the GMAT was comprised of before Dec'20. I had appeared for CAT before but I had very low confidence on my Verbal ability. Working full-time, I was really concerned about the selection of a right platform that could help me achieve a good GMAT score and that would allow me to do so at a self-determined pace. A few of my friends, who have already excelled at GMAT recommended e-GMAT, and I started my journey in Dec'20 with the e-GMAT online intensive course.

e-GMAT course has been structured to identify the areas of improvement right from the beginning, so that a huge amount of time could be saved using the detailed analysis of each of the subtopics. Each of the subtopics of both Quant and Verbal is structured around a three-step learning process: (1) concept, (2) process, (3) GMAT skills. This method allows one to be certain of the readiness to move to the following step, and to calibrate the time dedicated to each subtopic in a very personalized way.

The Scholaranium is an excellent platform which is unique of any product out there. It provides as many metrics as one can imagine to identify the process flaws and knowledge gaps at a very detailed level to know exactly what to do to improve. It keeps track of the results for the different levels of questions. With Scholaranium, one can design custom quizzes and can even choose at the subtopic level! Especially, one can design a quiz comprising only of Medium and Hard-level questions on any topics within each sections of Verbal or Quants. The explanation of how questions should be solved correctly and in a timely manner is very detailed and allows one to identify what went wrong or to confirm a correct.

Sigma X Mocks
I found the Sigma X Mocks to be closest to the actual exam. The adaptive software makes the experience very similar to that of the GMAT. From my own personal experience, I can say these mock exams even have more difficult questions than the GMAT, which allows one to be confident that when preparing for this hard questions, one is for sure covering the difficulty that will be find in the exam. In my best Sigma X Mock I scored a 730 (Q49 V40) which translated into a 730 (Q49 V40) in the real exam.

My study mentor: Archit
Perhaps the most important thing that makes e-gmat different from the other platforms is the support that one receives from the mentors. My GMAT mentor, Archit, helped me formulate the study plan and helped me at each and every step, whether it was identifying the weak areas during the concept building exercises or it was analyzing the various GMAT mocks to identify the corrective actions.

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