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eGMAT's Quant Scholarium


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I had the opportunity to try the Quant Scholaranium Beta version. At first I had no expectation out of these questions. But boy was I in for a surprise. The questions were of really good quality with a good level of difficulty. I found them to be more GMAT-like than the questions of a lot of other GMAT-Prep providers. Note that these questions are not for the faint hearted. Pick this course up only if you are already on the Q49 level but still want more. The 2nd best thing about Quant Scholarium is the explanations for the questions. They are not only logical but they also give you different ways to solve each questions. I used to even go through questions that I had got correct just to find out a more time efficient way of solving the question. The UI is pretty neat and they have done a good job by keeping tags for various topics, difficulty level and type of questions (PS/DS). This enabled me to target my preparation. I picked up the topics that I found difficult first and then worked my way down. The quantity of questions are good (711 questions and approx. 250 of them are categorized as hard) and should be more than enough practice for the exam. The option to flag a question is a plus. The 3rd best thing about Quant Scholarium is the analytics which is by far the best that I have seen. The Dashboard and the Skill Data tab gives some pretty neat analytics which help identify specific weak areas. The landing page calculates and displays various statistics that helped me to identify my weak areas. So, for example, I found out that while I was pretty good with Probability, I needed to work on Permutations and Combinations. The Attempts tab helped me keep track of my performance and gave me a “grade” of sorts (weighted average) of my performance.
All in all I am pretty satisfied with eGMAT’s quant scholarium. This course came at the right time and now I am more confident of “breaking” the Q49 plateau.

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