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Verbal Course for Non-native English speaker


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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After I decided to take GMAT, I was really struggling about what course and strategy I should follow. While my quant was always strong, I was very worried about verbal. Moreover, I am a very procrastinated person that I thought I would not be patient enough to study by books and study hard if I don't have strong pressure. Therefore, after skimming through many reviews, I decided to choose an e-GMAT Verbal online course and it has never made me regret.

As soon as I had registered in eGMAT Verbal Online course, I was provided with a very detailed study plan that I should follow. This is very helpful for procrastinated person like me. I can organize my study day by day and put pressure on me to finish my study. The course is very well organized by providing class about each concept before giving a number question to practices. The videos are very detailed, giving everything from the basics and how to apply this concept to the verbal questions. This helps me to focus on each concept in each class and practice 3-steps strategy to the questions. The three steps strategy is very helpful especially for SCs to get the right answer in the very short time.
The feature I liked most about the e-GMAT course is that I just need to follow step by step and then improve my skills without struggling about what is the best way for me to study. Of course, I would not say it would be the best way to all GMAT tacklers but e-GMAT gives a free-trials and I think after a couple video, you will know the answers.
As my test is coming up in one month, I'll keep you updated about my score.

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