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Course e-GMAT Quant Online

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First of all i would like to congratulate all the educators of e-gmat that they are teaching the students and guiding them to right path.
Egmat properly guide students who really need to learn from scratch.
As always said nobody can reach everest in one day or ROME was not build in one day.
This course gradually builds your concepts and convert your weak points to strong points.
How this works?
First the conceptional video will help you to learn the basics and then you have to take the practice quiz (which is MUST to hone your quant skill). this quiz will build you more confident in applying concepts.
As we know GMAT is NOT A MUGGING exam. Its not that you learn the formula and start hitting the questions.
But, you should have solid understanding for the applications of the concepts that are mentioned in GMAT syllabus.
After this quiz , you will have chance to practice OG questions under time bound conditions. this will help you to be more self-assured. After that you can take assessment quiz which will tell you where you stand overall.
This part is my fav as this helps me a lot in knowing my weak and strong points. The Quant Online is not a course meant to be just get done with. It is designed in a way to make sure that you remember the concepts for times to come. I have been able to complete the course and during my practice sessions, keeping a score stable.
Even if you have any doubts , just go through forum or write your query. believe me they revert you within 48 hours. it means each student for them is valuable and paying close attention to his/her queries.

HATS OFF to team to have such a unique and best software that precisely measures your skills.

The questions that this team builds seems more related to Official questions that helps you more to be ease with application of process.
the best part of course is animation videos that doesn't make you feel bore. Moreover, if you are night owl and after work you are tired, i seriously suggest this course as it builds interest and makes you less sleepy in solving questions late night :).

Last but not least,Scholaranium will help you gauge precisely the areas of strengths and weaknesses and that too at a comminuted level. Because of this, you will know precisely where to focus your efforts on in the days leading up to the test.
in addition to perfect Scholaranium , Looking forward for CAT quizes also under this course soon :)

Pick up the tab in building these concepts with reference to right kind of practice material from the OG and Quant Review (stick to the official material). And get ready for D-DAY.

Special thanks for quant team for making me equanimous in solving hard questions with such a fantabulous course.

My wishes are with you and keep growing ........... :)

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