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I tried everything; in the end, e-GMAT's SC course helped me!


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Hey folks,

Acing GMAT is not an easy journey. When I first saw an SC problem, I felt that I will never be able to do well on this exam. Some of my peers who scored well could solve SC Qs in less than a minute. I continued to ask myself what is it that I am missing.

I tried several offline coaching institutes. Solved OG, coaching institute material and what not. It still took me at least 3 mins to tackle a SC Qs.

Finally, I came across e-GMAT's SC course. Its approach of teaching SC was no where close to what I had been taught. One module at a time, I kept moving. It took me about a month to internalise every concept. And after doing so, my SC skills were far better than some of the best English writers. I became so proficient that at times I could spot errors in newspaper editorials.

Since then I have recommended e-GMAT's SC to at least 10 friends who have shared similar problems as mine.

I jumped from V19 to V34. And now I am close to V 40. My concepts are totally clear, however, comprehension and speed need more work.

I thank the e-GMAT's team and would like to tell all my fellow community members here, don't give up; we will get there!

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