January 25, 2023

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Worth each cent!


Out of the 5 school I worked on with Gavriella, I received interview invites from 4 and will now go and attend HBS!
I got multiple offers and scholarships. (Applied to 6 M7 schools(Worked on 2 schools myself) and LBS)

My guide and mentor- The Guru who made it happen. As traditional Indian saying goes, Guru guides you to your destiny, so bow to the Guru even before you bow before God and she is the mentor who made it happen for me. Unsure of my candidacy, she instilled confidence in me and pushed me to introspect until I found why I believe in certain things or choose to behave a certain way. The MBA journey is far longer than the two-year program and while a good GMAT Score feels like a big milestone, it is just the beginning. Your growth begins with applications- as you introspect and find the underlying why you grow and she ensured I knew each why. She highlighted to me how things that seem monotonous or mundane to me, were actually not that common and how I could convey that effectively to the schools to get the interview invites. She made the journey so smooth and easy-paced that I did not feel the anxiety until the HBS Interview invite came and I processed how real this all was. Preparing for the interview, I appreciated my application and felt this sense of immense gratitude towards Gavi that is hard to put into words. I am so glad I chose MBAMission and that Jessica connected Gavi and I. Besides the 5 schools I chose to work on with Gavi, she helped me put together my application for two more schools, highlighting how the essays could be along the structure of school A or B.

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