September 26, 2015

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Well I couldn't have asked for more. A jump of 100 points from 560 to 660 in my GMAT Score thanks to E-GMAT CR Course.
Flashback GMAT 1 - Feb - 2015
I had put in 2 months of hardwork. in Dec - January and was all set to take GMAT. Exam went on well and I expected to see a 680- 690 on screen, but to my dismay the screen flashed 560 with V-22. I was devastated that how could I be so far from my target score (I had given only 2 mocks - 650,660), took few weeks off and decided to take a structured approach towards GMAT attempt 2. This time I was not in a hurry but I wanted concrete results.
When I introspected I found CR was my biggeset nemesis. This led to low scores in RC too as the pattern and reasoning is similar in RC Questions. I enrolled for EGMAT - CR course and boy I loved the content. All the content was in a structured manner. I could see improvements. With more confidence I started taking kAPLAN mocks in the month of Aug. Two 680s and One 710 . I booked my GMAT date for Sep 20 - 2015.
I ended up scoring 660 with V34. Although not a great score but atleast it has given me my moral back. I specially want to thank E-GMAT and the team. I want to have one more shot at the GMAT and with the renewed confidence I hope I ll break 700 barrier

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