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My improvement in Verbal


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I am a latin-american, so a non-native student. Since I studied engineering, the Quant part didn't seem as difficult as the Verbal section.

Even though I am not finished the course, i have just reserved the GMAT test for the first week of November. I was stuck in Verbal (27-31), but E-gmat verbal online has just unlock my score and wanted to share this with all the students who may be in the same situation.

I started to study from some books and practicing with the official bank of questions of the GMAT, for both the quant a verbal sections, and after a couple of months I took a Mock with the official GMATPrep, obtaining 630 (M49, V27). It was confusing, in one hand I was happy to easily see 49 in the quant section, but was shocked to see that I was under the mean in the verbal. I continued practicing and took two other mocks, but I was unable to improve my verbal ability over the 31 score. My greatest weaknesses came from Sentence Correction and Critical Reasoning (in RC obtained 41). It was very frustrating.

Then I started to read from experiences of other test takers and found out that it was quite usual, they said that you cannot improve more only with "brute force", you need an approach. Then a friend from my job recommended me the E-GMAT Online course.

First, I discovered that a video course is way more effective than books, I really liked the graphics.

Second, the general approach is based on structure (SC, CR, RC-I am still finishing this one). This, for an engineer like me, was something that talked in my language, it makes a huge difference.

The Sentence Correction approach is very different from what I was doing before. It is focused on developing your ability by first centered in Understanding the Meaning, second structure, third learning to identify all the mistakes of a Sentence before going to the answer choices. This new approach is a complete change in how I understood each question, because I learnt to identify every type of question and discarding answer choices started to seem easier.

The Critical Reasoning also helped me a lot. It is centered in understanding completely the arguments, and after in Pre-Thinking solutions. This pre-thinking process made me understand the direction of the line of reasoning of the arguments. Another feature that helped me a lot was the typologies of correct and incorrect answers for every type of question.

After completing the SC and CR in that order, I just have taken a mock from GMATPrep, obtaining 710 (M48, V38). Watching the 700+ was a huge relief for me, more if the improvement on the Verbal was so dramatic. I took some quizzes only of Verbal and saw the same score (38-39), confirming my improvement. So I decided to write a review for those who are experiencing the same frustration of being stuck in the early 30s of the verbal.

Well, this is all I want to share by now, hope to write a happy new review in November just after the test, but by now I definitely recommend the E-GMAT online course for all students struggling with the Verbal.

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