August 27, 2022

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Felt negligence. Management and staff is not impressive.


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Course GMATWhiz Verbal Tutor Prep

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After studying 2-3 months of random prep, I decided to go for a prep plan. Whiz was best in terms of cost, I got 10 sessions for 550$. My verbal score was stuck between V18 to V21 in official mocks. So I needed some expert, who can guide me. I talked to a representative about the plan and he assured me that he and his team will provide full support to me.

Lets discuss pros- I liked their meaning based approach, It gave me a new insight to tackle question. My tutor was Sunita Mam. She was always supportive throughout the journey. She told me to do untimed practice and before every class there is a certain task to complete. So its good, you approach every question deeply. My SC skills improved a lot. CR was ok. For, RC, my approach changed. I liked the new approach. Overall, I liked it. But,

Cons- Their management is weak. I felt that I wasn’t getting ample attention. The representative, completely changed after I bought the plan. Even after complaining about this, Instead of improving, he blamed on me for everything. I might be wrong, but I bought their best plan, I was expecting a premium service.

Many of their explanations in their platform are not standard or matches with official explanations. Some of their questions had mistakes, They even accept and correct them, if you can point them. All this leads to doubt the material. You don’t even know whether their tutors have taken the GMAT themselves or not, which is extremely important to me. Their explanations are not up to the mark. I am not doubting about the lead tutor. She is very experienced.

Lastly, when I started getting good accuracy, I couldn’t improve my timing, because I was told to do everything untimed. I build this habit of untimed practice, as a result I couldn’t switch back to timed practice. And for this, you have to improve yourself. I didn’t get right strategy to tackle this. After 6 months of intense prep my Verbal score improved by 10 points. Good but not enough for me at this moment. Need extra 5 points.

Lastly, you have to put your own effort a lot, don’t expect them to reach out to you. You have to reach out to them, even if you buy their best plan. If say you haven’t talked or aren’t active for 2 months, nobody cares. Don’t even expect to get an email saying where are you? How's the prep going? Even if the plan expires. Its the end. So you have to put efforts, be blunt and Keep asking questions. Good luck!

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