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e-GMAT - Verbal Online Review


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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Picking up the e-GMAT verbal online program was definitely a boon, as it gave me the necessary perspective to be able to tackle the Verbal section in the official GMAT. The program gave me valuable insights in tackling the SC, CR and RC sections which were critical to my success. I have listed below how the program helped me in tackling each of the sections within the GMAT and I hope this information proves helpful.

Sentence Correction: The comprehensiveness of the grammar rules covered and the number of practice questions one is expected to participate in definitely played a big part in my success. Additionally simple advice such as understand the meaning, although intuitive, played a big role in helping me crack the GMAT.

Reading Comprehension: I had earlier engaged in other GMAT prep material which were focused on techniques such as skimming through passages, reading only the first line of each paragraph and drawing inferences which although were quick weren't as effective. Again the simple advice of just take your time and comprehend the meaning of the passage really helped tip the scale.

Critical Reasoning: I was confident in this section from the very beginning and my earlier GMAT prep material too was focused towards Assumptions in an argument. Nevertheless the number of practice questions the program offered along with it's explanations was a big help during my prep period.

The strength of the e-GMAT verbal program is that it offers a program with no gimmicks. It is focused on simple straight forward advice which if implemented correctly would reap benefits. I'm glad i picked up this program and i hope this review helps you with your decision as well.

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