July 04, 2012

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Called up SBC after I got wait listed at Booth (in round 3). I had put my application together with very little outside help and was disappointed that I didn't get in. I felt I needed to bring an outside perspective, from someone with a proven track of record, and this is how I called up SBC.

The service was pretty much what I was expecting: I signed up for the 2hr consulting package and within hours, I got contacted by Kevin and started working with him on making a video and writing a supplemental essay. Kevin quickly identified the weak spot on my application and suggested several elements to highlight on the video and additional essay. We went back and forth for a few days until we were both satisfied with the result. In all, Kevin was fairly responsive and helped me meet a very tight deadline for the additional material (about 1 week to submit the additional materials).

My only chagrin is that the service is a bit pricey (and I didn't get the impression that my consultant was a former dean of admission at some school) and it has a normative tendency: essays tend to conform to what admission consultants think they should conform to. But at the end, those are fairly insignificant details. All that matters is that the service is effective, right?

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