January 28, 2016

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Good program but lots of cliques


This review is for Ross Michigan

Program Full Time MBA

Class of 2015

Experience during the program

Ross is a good program, but not a great program yet. Student diversity and course strength could use a lot of work.

The good:
The school does a good job of career stuff: we have career treks, enough companies engaging with students and the alumni network is large and helpful. Inspite of the easy going student culture, the students do well in courses and I was constantly surprised by my peers' grades. Some of the students have an exceptional background.

The bad:
I felt the school was very "fratty" - the culture feels like high school where everyone had their clique. There are easy divides you can easily spot - domestic/internationals, white/others etc. Ski trips where cliques choose to cohabit a house, spring break trips where predictable groups go off together to South America etc., are most visible manifestations of this divide. Further, the selection of student-led committees for school-wide activities like GBR was not transparent - it was mostly 'friends and family'.
One reason is because Michigan football has a big impact on the culture, e.g. the Bus where club members act crazy (e.g. dance on top of a bus) during football tailgates. Others who don't identify with such stuff feel alienated and either stop coming or just hang out with their own groups.

About professors, classes and curriculum

The electives are weaker compared to something like Booth or HBS. Second, most of core classes have good professors but there are still some classes like Marketing that could use better professors.

About job placement process

Most students are smart and yet, down to earth. At work, I'm surrounded by Ross alumni and I've heard first hand from senior management that Rossers bring a good general management focus unlike other schools.

Overall BSchool experience (3.0)
Schools contribution (5.0)
Classmates rating (3.0)

Strengths of the program:

Alumni Network
Career opportunities provided by school

Best fit at this program:


Can be improved:

Curriculum, Classes, Professors
Student body, diversity
Culture & Student Support

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April 29, 2013

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Decent, not spectacular.


Last year, I applied to only one school - M7 BSchool. I did not use any consultant then and managed to get an interview with school. However, I could not find a place in the program. After reading forums and talking to some MBA friends, I realized some mistakes in my application but even so, I was decently happy with my performance, considering I had no guidance except Paul Bodine's book.

This year, I took Admissionado's two bootcamp classes ($199 each or so) just before R1. After the two classes, I thought that I would apply to 1 school (ranked 8th-13th) myself and 4 schools (M7 schools) through Admissionado. And I jumped after they offered a 15% discount on the JrD package.

Over the next 2.5 months I worked with the consultant who an ex-M7 MBA. He was a really nice guy overall and very approachable.

At the end, I got into the school that I applied to myself and to none of the ones I applied through Admissionado. I reapplied to the M7 school I applied the year before, this time through Admissionado. Like last year, I got an interview call and (again) could not find a place in the program. I realize I might have deficiencies, so I'll try to restrict the review to the actual services provided and not just the outcome of my applications.

+ Biggest positive: That I could bounce off a story to someone without having to spend time writing and polishing it, only to have it rejected. Consultants are great for this (v/s using a busy friend or family member).
+ Consultant was nice and likable.
+ Quality of my apps improved.

- Biggest negative: The consultant stuck to 72hr turnaround time clause of the contract. Initially, I had a lot of time so this didn't matter. However, during the crunch time of last 10 days or so before the submission deadline, I expected him to respond more quickly (meaning 36 hrs or less), especially for the smaller edits. Upon asking, he recommended that I pay more $$$ to 'expedite' my reviews. Now I know they are busy people, but it was still a ridiculous ask for something that would take him 10-15 mins to review. Not cool and definitely costed me in the quality of the app at the end.

- Sometimes the consultant would not be clear with what he wants me to change. You'd have to email a few times to get him to commit to the weakness in your essay.

- My expectation was that I would get ideas for great openings or closings for each essay. No such thing. I had to search for ideas there myself and he would just green/red flag them.

I'm about 60% satisfied, hence the 3 stars. Since I did not have any MBA friends who had gone through the process and could review my essays, I chose to go with a consultant. If you don't have this handicap, I'd recommend tapping a current MBA student instead of spending money on a consultant.

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