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I had been in contact with the EGMAT team for more than 8 months and I have used their course for a total of 3 months. In my 3 GMAT Attempts, this course proved to be very useful.
In experience with the EGMAT Course, I felt it was very smooth and helpful. The content was top-notch and the strategies used were really benefitting me in my GMAT Prep. The meaning based approach used in SC helped me increase to 94th percentile and the Pre-thinking also helped me gain a 80th percentile in CR. The team also shared Error Log templates with me for specific sections. These templates allowed me to myself understand my weak points in CR and SC. Truly, this course is the perfect option for self-study enthusiasts who need guidance and mentorship. Furthermore, they have revamped their Quant course recently. The new version allows a student to customize his or her study experience. This makes studying really efficient as a student can now study only what topics he needs or is weak at. I was a strong scorer in Quants. The Quant 2.0 allowed me to do a lot of diagnostic quizzes and decipher which are the specific points, where I am weak. For example, I was getting 66% accuracy in Geometry in the past 2 GMAT attempts. Through the Quant 2.0 and Skill data option, I was able to find the core topics of Geometry where I was unable to improve. These included Coordinate Geometry and Quadrilaterals for me, but for any other student, this option allows to go very deep and find strong as well as weak points during preparation. This is undoubtedly the best course out there and combined with their world-class support team, there is nothing more you can ask.
The support team is by-far the best in GMAT Preparation. Although I had been impatient quite a lot of times, the team was very polite and understanding. Apart from this, the EGMAT team helped me analyse my ESRs from the 2 attempts, wherein I scored 680, very well. They were able to clearly pinpoint my errors in CR and RC and then suggested a customized plan to become better at these topics as well. It was a very data-oriented approach that was bound to yield positive results. The team also created small-yet powerful plans for specific areas such as revision or score enhancement. For instance, I mailed once for a revision in SC and CR, about 14 days before my actual GMAT. The team sent me a refresher course and a quick-revision plan as well. These 2 plans are truly amazing. I was able to revise all core concepts, practice fundamental questions and revise everything in just 2 days. I cannot really ask for anything more as the team was there at every little step when I needed guidance or just motivation. They were very quick in their replies and they were able to solve all my queries through a simple Email. It was convenient, effective and efficient. EGMAT Team also uses the concept of ‘Test Readiness.’ This is simply a set of quizzes a student needs to give to understand his accuracy levels and decide if he is ready for the actual battle of GMAT or not. I was really happy as the team sent me details of doing these quizzes and also personally guided me by studying the results of these Test Readiness Quizzes. This feature helps a candidate to understand if he is actually ready or more preparation is needed.
I would particularly like to share my experience with DJ, aka Dhananjay. DJ has been with me since my first attempt and he has helped me stay consistent with GMAT. There have been times when I lost hope but DJ always motivated me to study and crack this exam. I owe my 710 to DJ. His strategies and study plans were built on logic and involved a lot of data usage from the EGMAT Portal. Thus, these plans worked with almost 100% accuracy. I would definitely recommend DJ for any student. He is really a gem who can take you to your dream score. DJ was so kind to also help me with Essay analysis and editing process for top MiM Courses such as LBS and INSEAD. He spent many hours helping me craft the perfect essay. He is really one of the best instructors out there who goes beyond the expected to help a student. I am really blessed to have him as my mentor.

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