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I am very much thankful to eGMAT for helping me improve from 590 to 710 (V22 to V36)

The three most important things that helped me succeed are the course content (approach), answers by experts in ‘ask an expert forum’, and assistance by the support team whenever requested for help. In particular, I would also like to thank Harsha, Stacey, and Kanupriya for their support throughout the process

Here, I would like to share a few important lessons I learnt from the course:

Master Comprehension: The Master Comprehension course is MUST do section before starting with SC, CR or RC. This section helped me to develop the skill of comprehending the sentence accurately, skill that is of utmost importance in acing all the three sections

Sentence correction: The MOST important approach I learnt from eGMAT course in this section is to understand the intended meaning rather than focusing on grammar rules. I strongly believe to master this section one must learn the skill of comprehending the sentence and identifying the aspects conveyed in the sentence before checking the grammar rules. This meaning based approach will help eliminate at-least 2-3 options immediately before struggling to identify the grammar errors in each sentence.
NOTE: The lessons learnt in SC will help in CR and RC. Hence, do not start with CR or RC before achieving decent performance in SC

Critical Reasoning: A few important lessons I learnt from eGMAT course in this section are
1. Understanding a) what is the evidence b) what is the conclusion c) MOST IMPORTANT - How did author come to the conclusion based on the evidence provided = Logic used in arriving at the conclusion using the evidence = Understanding the argument is THE most important step in CR
2. Do not be fixated only on what is the conclusion in the CR. You must remember that the CR argument is testing on our ability to understand the logic on how evidence is used to arrive at the conclusion. Pre-thinking technique helped me to significantly improve this skill
3. Understanding why an answer choice is correct and why it is incorrect is also very important in improving in CR. Focus must be on learning concept from each question but not on solving more questions
The course provides all necessary methods in improving and mastering these skills

Reading Comprehension: A few important lessons I learnt from eGMAT course in this section are
1. Always read the passage in identifying the ‘WHY’ aspect and not ‘WHAT’ aspect. Identifying the intent and purpose of each sentence helps in comprehending the passage better
2. Do not answer the questions by matching words, but must understand the logic of the sentence/para/passage. In understanding the passage, do remember to pay focus on key words such as because, due to, caused by, while, since plays a very important role
3. Keep in mind that Inference = What author believes and agrees with but not the ones that is just mentioned by some third person
There are much more nuances taught in the course that eventually helped me to improve my RC abilities and accuracy

eGMAT blogs: The blogs in eGMAT website are brilliantly written and are highly helpful in learning new concepts. I would highly recommend everyone to go through these blogs.

Course features:
The cementing quizzes, custom quizzes, and ability quizzes helped in identifying and improving on my weak areas efficiently. Overall, I strongly believe the course is very well designed to any GMAT aspirant irrespective of his/her current capabilities to achieve high scores. Course is designed in such a way that it makes one to learn the concepts and processes in a happy rather a stressful way.

Exam day: I never felt nervous on the exam day as I had complete faith on the approach I learnt from the course and was confident that I could handle any new question faced in the exam

Important suggestion: ONLY trust the meaning based approach and do not fall prey to ads that persuade you to follow any other approach

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October 30, 2022

Hey Krishnak13,

Congratulations on an enormous 120-point improvement to 710!

A 14-point improvement from the 28th percentile (V22) to the 80th percentile (V36) is massive, and I am happy to hear that we could guide you in this endeavor.

I am also so very touched to see your unwavering faith in the process – so much so that it eliminated any test anxiety! I speak for the entire team when I say your email after your exam made our weekend -

Image Link -

Your review clearly shows the depths you took to understand and internalize the process. Your emphasis on intent and the ‘why’ aspect shows me that you have hit the nail on the head when it comes to succeeding in GMAT Verbal.

Indeed, when I look at your journey through the course – from the modules, to cementing, to mocks, it is clear just how much time and effort you put into each subsection. Just a glance at your course and Scholaranium stats indicates that you were constantly working towards 700+, by revisiting files and tweaking your process to improve ability.

In verbs, you identified that there was still room for growth – so you went back to the files and revised them thoroughly to fill in the gaps in your knowledge and also perfect your process for questions from this concept. Just look at how much time you spent-

Image Link -

I can see that this revision and refocus really did help you achieve perfection. You were able to improve from 61% to 80% accuracy – which indicates ability above the 90th percentile!

Image Link -

Indeed, you scored almost the exact same score in your mocks just days before your test (check the image below)

Image Link -

Your love for learning also shines through in the fact that you went beyond the course material –. You looked at blogs and engaged with subject matter experts and strategy mentors, so that you could build upon an already solid foundation and make it impenetrable.

Your detail-oriented approach and dedication to process are going to take you a long way in B-School; I wish you all the best Krishnak13!