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A well-rounded GMAT prep course


Improvement 150 Points

Course GMATWhiz GMAT Prep

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Overall, an outstanding GMAT prep course. For each module, I first had to complete a diagnostic test, based on which, I was given course material to complete. This approach was something that I really liked.

Each practice problem for quant had a detailed solution approach - video solutions for tougher problems as well.

For verbal, on the other hand, each question type in CR, RC and SC had its own systematic approach that was well-tested by some amazing mentors and program creators.

As I like to study on my own, in my own pace, this prep course was the perfect fit for me. The AI was great at giving constructive feedback and in case of any doubts, the tutors and mentors were always within reach. Each query never took more than 24 hours to get resolved.

I strongly recommend the prep course to anyone starting from scratch. I was able to get a 150 point increase within 3 months, thanks to the methodical prep course.

Attributing to the amazing support that the team provided, I also chose them for admissions consulting. To my surprise, the support there was even more extensive. I was initially lost, having only knowledge of the schools as per rankings. The consultants reviewed my profile, discussed my career path with me and then suggested schools that I could apply to, aligning with my career goals. They also helped with writing the essays and were a constant source of guidance and support throughout the application process.

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