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TTP builds excellent logic to solve Quant Questions


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Target Test Prep made a major difference to my GMAT quant score. Before the course, I was mainly scoring around Q40 and was maxing out at Q45, but I knew that if I was to improve in Quant, I would have to find a logical way to understand Quant topics and have a systematic approach to attack problems. I had taken a classroom course and then also completed Quant books of another reputed test prep company, however I could never cross Q45 in any mocks. My goal was to reach at least Q49.

I had checked several other courses but they either focused mostly on conceptual depth without application or direct problem solving using techniques (i.e. smart numbers, testing answers). What works in Quant is knowing the concept well and ability to apply in a structured manner.

TTP does the following to deserve a big “Thank You”:
1. Builds excellent conceptual base for every topic. Furthermore, they have covered all possible concepts & Q types in a topic.
2. It provides a logical approach to solve any Question. Each Q has a video as well as text solution.
3. Provides excellent practice by having Chapter Quizzes of varying difficulty level (Easy, Medium & Difficult). Furthermore, there are review Quizzes before beginning every chapter to help in revising the concepts of the previous chapters. Additionally, there are Review Quizzes after a few chapters to solidify concepts in a cluster of chapters. Finally, there are the Global Review to test our entire Quant Ability.
4. The Quiz solutions also help to identify which concept we are lacking and provides an easy reference link to review the pertaining concept.
5. Provides the best dashboard to pinpoint what topics is our weak link area and focus on the same in terms of accuracy, pacing.

Overall, I recommend going through each module at least once and completing all the Quizzes.
I scored a Q49 in my 1st attempt at GMAT.

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