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With e-gmat, You will always get a feeling that there is someone who is with you along this beautiful journey of GMAT prep and who will go above and beyond to help you in achieving your target score.

Around the end of 2020, I gave my first diagnostic test and got a score that was nowhere close to my target score. As a result, I started my research for a good online course for the GMAT. I went through the course reviews here on GMAT club and decided to go with a full GMAT course of e-gmat. Now when I look back, It was one of the best decisions I took for my GMAT prep.

I will structure my review into 2 broad buckets:

Course Structure :

The course is beautifully structured. I started my verbal preparation with Sentence Correction and gradually moved to critical reasoning and reading comprehension. Post completing the verbal section, I utilized the quant course to brush up on my concepts and practice hard questions.

Post completing a subsection, I would start practicing questions in the Scholaranium platform. One of the key learning during my prep is that quality matters over quantity. This brings me to the second point :

Mentorship and help from the Customer Success team:

The support which I received from e-gmat team, especially the customer success team, was instrumental in breaking the 700 barrier. My interaction with Aditee was helpful in figuring out the areas where I was faltering. She helped me realize the importance of maintaining an error log and how to do a strategic review of not only the questions which I got incorrect but also the questions which I marked correctly.

Overall a big thumbs up to the entire team of e-gmat for creating this brilliant course. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to improve their verbal score and ace the GMAT.

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