December 26, 2020

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The Direction I Needed


When I began my journey of looking for an MBA admissions consultant, I was told multiple times to hold off and wait to apply till I had a better GMAT score. However, when I met Devi Vallabhaneni with mbaMission, my experience with her was different. She looked at my overall profile and told me where I needed to focus on - aka, my GMAT score. She advised me on how to make my application show that I was strong in quant through things such as my work experience and recommendations since my GMAT score was not portraying that.

Additionally, I struggled with the timing of when to submit my application. I was moving from India to the states in the midst of the pandemic and didn't know if I had it in me to go for round 1. Devi helped me pace myself and set achievable goals so that I could meet the round 1 deadline.

Where Devi helped me the most (which, in my opinion, was not her responsibility, but she did from the goodness of her heart) was the in between of submitting my application, going through interviews, and waiting to hear back from the school. I was extremely anxious, like extremely. Devi lifted me up every time we talked. She reminded me of my strengths and encouraged me to stay optimistic.

Sure enough, I got into the only school I applied to, my dream school - London Business School. And when my anxiety set in about thinking that LBS may have given me a handout and that I did not match up to my peers, I got a scholarship for half my tuition, which solidified my candidacy even more.

Devi not only helped me get into my dream school but also helped me map out my future to achieve my full potential.

As you can see, I highly recommend mbaMission and Devi Vallabhaneni.

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