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e-gmat Verbal Live Prep


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

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Hello Members,

I would like to provide my review on e-gmat Verbal Live Prep. I see this is the best prep available, helping strengthen your concepts,apply your learned skills, and strategize in an effective approach. When i first studied from other sources on Verbal,I, as a non-native, was not able to gather complete ideas. Although MGMAT SC was helpful,i still missed the best strategies required to solve SC within the required time. I learned these techniques from Verbal Prep course. You will apply your skills in solving the problems and analyze or evaluate your correct or wrong choices. The importance of proper brainstorming in a CR question is paramount and I learned the technique of brainstorm in a CR question from the course. This really improved my accuracy in CR section. The Live course also helps you come prepared to a live class joined by smart,dedicated gmat applicants.

All i can say here is this is a great course for those who believe that they can certainly do better in Verbal section if guided by proper,required concepts and efficient techniques solving the problems.

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