July 25, 2017

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Experts' Global is the best when it comes to admission consulting. Whole team is extremely professional and helpful. They follow an organized and streamlined process, which accommodates all the needs and requirements of their students and deliver accordingly. Just follow their lead and you will get the best possible admits given your profile.
Though their services are expensive but they pay for themselves when they help you get that additional scholarship! I received 6 admits and had scholarship offers from all them and even after that I was able to negotiate more scholarship with help from my mentors at Expert's Global.

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April 25, 2019

Hello @MasterGMan,

Thanks for your kind words and a big congratulations on your admits!

Yes, for the holistic and personalized nature of consulting we provide, we may be a bit overpriced in comparison to other players. However, as already suggested by you, even a 5% scholarship can offset the difference you may be looking at :)

It was a pleasure working with you and we wish you the very best with everything that lies ahead! :)

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