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730 on the GMAT in my first attempt with e-gmat


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It was during the Covid lokdown that I decided to prepare for the GMAT. A friend had suggested e-gmat and I attended a couple of webinars on 2-3 weekends. The verbal webinars specially were pretty interesting and I ended up subscribing to the Online course (both Verbal and Quant).

I started with the SC section as the first step of my prep. The course was so comprehensive and the number of data points and analytics available on the performance were mind-blowing. Specially, the scores in the before and after quizzes give you such a good idea on how much you have improved post the module. In all, I would say the SC module was very useful and is a must-do for any first-time GMAT taker.

Then came the most interesting module of all, CR. Boy, the way in which each argument is broken down is wonderful and it actually helps you develop a unique way of looking at each of the CR question types.

Due to personal reasons, I did not get to spend as much time as I would have liked on the RC and the Quant modules. So, I would not be able to comment on them in detail.

In addition to the course, the most powerful tool offered as part of the e-gmat course is the 'Scholaranium'. The way in which each of the verbal questions and all the options are explained is a complete game-changer. The data points available actually help you strategise and work on your shortcomings and time management. I cannot imagine a better tool which could be made available for GMAT prep.

I had attended a couple of live sessions on SC conducted by Payal and I really liked her meaning-based approach and was able to appreciate the methodology outlines in the course even more after I attended the live classes.

After the live classes and before I gave my GMAT, I also gave 3 e-gmat mocks. Dhananjay from the support team analyzed my performance in these mocks and gave valuable inputs on how I should approach my weak areas so that I could maximize my score in the limited amount of time I had. In addition to providing inputs via mail, he also made videos of my mocks which outlined the areas/time management techniques I need to adopt. This was incredibly helpful during my last leg of prep.

Thanks e-gmat for being a part of my GMAT journey and making it memorable :)

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