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I tried several courses (such as e-gmat, which is good for SC no doubt, for short duration I tried Empowergmat, and then Edushastra (I would recommend to not to go for this last one, My personal suggestion etc), and among all, I found GMATWhiz to be a very comprehensive course.

My journey of GMAT began with 620 (Q49, V27), then 660 (Q50, V29) and a few days back, I scored 710 (Q49, V38, IR3, AWA 6). I will write a separate de-brief later on GMAT journey.

I opted for a verbal tutor prep pack because I thought external help will be beneficial to see which aspects I lack in my preparation. The GMATWhiz team is very kind in terms of their response to the services that they provide. I genuinely felt that this team is focused on the success of the student. Be it moral support or support in verbal guidance, GMATWhiz really does a good job. I even got my verbal online prep-pack (which comes along with the tutor prep pack) extended for a week because I was due of course access just a week before my exam schedule.

Ms. Sunita is a very patient teacher; I would say she understands the difficulties students face. I, in fact, had to relearn my approach to even basic sentence reading. She would often ask me what I really understood from the sentence or the argument. She often focused on the “questioning” aspect while analyzing the CR argument. For RC, to keep up that interest, I used to do a bit of self-talk while reading. This is what I learned from her, so that one can engage himself totally in arguments or the passage.
I personally liked the question bank of the course. The CR answer choices are cleverly worded. At first glance, one may think that a particular option would be an answer but after reading their explanation, one would realize that it was a trap answer choice. Their methodology is beneficial in understanding the question or concept, for that matter. The frameworks used in CR really give one a peep into the pre-thinking stuff or predicting the answer. The RC passages questions are also tricky, and they test the real inference skills. I feel that the course does a good overall on all three fronts, SC, CR, and RC. I had reviewed their questions (the ones I got wrong) before my GMAT.

I learned that a great course is a course that has a good question bank, a solid methodology to apply to questions and excellent support to its students. And I am sure that the GMATWhiz team will continue to be genuine in feedback and support to its students.

Overall, I would recommend this verbal course (as I did not take the quant part) to anyone who wants to ace the GMAT.

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