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I hail from one of the most represented pool in GMAT community,an Indian Engineer.Just like most other Indian Engineers I am Fairly good in quant ( came quite naturally I must say),but I am not that bad in Verbal as well( may be average).However there was one section in verbal that I dreaded the most,Sentence Correction.The moment I started preparing for GMAT I realized that I was good in CR, ok in RC but was horrible in SC.I thought that with some effort and time I can improve my SC skills .However despite completing Manhattan SC Guide twice my SC was nowhere near the level required to score above 700 in actual GMAT. It was then one of my colleague told me about E -mat. After attending Free Sessions I made up my mind that this course can surely equip me with skills needed to improve my SC.Since I was good in Quant I opted for Verbal Online course(I wanted to learn at my own pace and comfort).I started watching video lessons and each lesson introduced me to an unseen aspect of topic at hand.I will lsit down how video lessons from E-gmat changed the way I used to think and solve the GMAT Question:
A)Critical Reasoning: I was fairly well in CR but after watching E-gmat CR lessons I changed my approach to solve a CR question altogether.I realized the importance of Visualization and Pre-thinking.One can solve any CR question to 80% accuracy with proper pre-thinking.

B)Reading Comprehension:My RC skills improved a lot after watching RC video lessons and incorporating said strategies.Earlier I used to try to save my time by just skimming through the Passage and that used to affect my accuracy a lot. After watching video lessons I learned the importance of understanding a passage thoroughly for improved accuracy.I also started coming up with Main Point of the passage right after solving the passage irrespective if that is asked or not.
C)Sentence Correction:After going through E-GMAT SC lessons my SC skills improved a lot.Earlier i used to overemphasis Grammar instead of Meaning and because of that I used to end up confused most of the time.After going through a lessons I started paying more attention to meaning and it did help a lot.I also used to solve section wise quiz's immediately after completing the lesson and that helped me test whether I am applying learned concepts properly or not.

I had also prepared notes for each lesson so that I can skim through those whenever needed.I also liked the structured approach taught for each type of question and with adequate practice they become your habit to solve specific question.In my preparation Scholaranium also played a very important part as it helped in testing acquired skill under timed condition's.I made a point to solve on Timed test of 12-14 questions everyday. Though I am not done with my GMAT yet but I am writing this review to put forth my experience of E-GMAT Verbal Online with the hope that it would help others like me.

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