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It's my third go at GMAT and I've finally got a score, which falls in my desired bracket. I've scored a 640(Q48 V30) and 670(Q50 V29) in my previous two attempts. I just couldn't fathom my scores, because I did considerably well on the official GMAT mocks. But after a thorough analysis of my ESRs, I understood that the approach I had is not enough to fetch me high scores. After taking around 4 months of break, I again started planning for my third attempt. That's when I've decided to purchase e-gmat's online course.

Some of the best things I've learned while using the e-gmat course:

1. Meaning based approach for solving Sentence Correction problems - Knowing in our mind that meaning is an important aspect in SC while solving the questions is one thing and having an approach which encapsulates that step and makes it a second nature while solving the questions is another thing. I have missed this trick in both of my previous attempts. e-gmat does an amazing job in this aspect and the questions in scholaranium polish our skills in using this approach.

2. Visualisation and Proper understanding of the conclusion for answering Critical Reasoning Questions - I cannot stress this enough. Even if pre-thinking is not feasible for each and every question, if we can visualise the passage well and have a proper understanding of the conclusion, it will open doors to the correct answer.

3. Analytics provided by Scholaranium - Two aspects standout the most with scholaranium. The detailed analysis provided for all the practise you do and the quality of the questions. If you don't have a proper approach, then the questions you solve in scholaranium will let you know that.

4. Mocks - (Note: Unpopular opinion incoming) I am not a huge fan of the official mocks. In my view, the Sigma-X mocks are more closer to the actual exam than the 6 official mocks. I think the official mocks can only get you around maybe 670/680 in the actual exam. I've scored 730-750 in my official mocks, only to score 640 and 670 in both my attempts. But my sigma-X mock scores are around 720-750, which more or less is same as my actual score. The insights you get after the exam will definitely help you identify the weak areas you have and thus make your preparation efficient.

5. LMP - Having a mentor who can guide you down the right path would definitely help you after those 2 horrific experiences. I gotta thank DJ here. He definitely knows what works for a student, and he is quite fast in responding to the mails😌.

Because I am doing well at quant, I didn't do much of the quant courses and focused my preparation mostly on verbal. But the quant quizzes are definitely challenging. Taking a quant quiz once in three days during the prep would definitely keep up your skill-level.

I would like to thank DJ for his efforts and his consistent support. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn't even have the courage to book my exam, thank you for that😄. All in all, I would recommend this course for someone who just hates grammatical-fancy-jargons.

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