June 07, 2017

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I post this review for my fellow aspirants, living in Tamilnadu, India, to choose the right test centre. In Tamilnadu, there are two centres

VIT College, Vellore
PearsonVue, Chennai

PearsonVue, one of the professional centres, takes ardent effort to provide the better exam experience. But all the centres don't afford this luxury. I have one of my worst experiences during October 2016.

I have chosen Vellore, VIT as my test centre. In the first place, it was very hard to find the exact location in the college. Barely, none knows the centre in the college. Once the examiner came, I was given the ear plug and scratch pad. The scratch pad was so dirty. There was some construction work going on and the room was not sound proof. So ear plug and scratch pad were literally of no use to me. Consider all these nuances, my scores got completely.

I just visited Chennai centre to double check my doubts. All my grievances were addressed properly. It is one of the best centres, I have encountered. Everything is very professional.

So please check the centre once and then schedule the exam

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August 08, 2019

What is the name of the building where the GMAT test centre is located in vit Vellore?