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'Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did"

These words above are in brief the story of my GMAT journey which spans across 3.5+ years and 5 attempts (excl. one failed GMAT online attempt).

Disappointed after getting another sub-par score in Aug 2020, I spoke to an e-GMAT mentor and enrolled for both verbal and quant course i.e. e-GMAT online course.

On my enrollment, I was advised to take a mock to understand my level of understanding from previous attempts. Based on the score in mock, I was enrolled to a mentorship program. At the time of buying the course I was not aware of any such program and didn't realize how important it will be for my preparation. This mentorship program and the scholaranium were the key factors for my 160 point score improvement and 20 point improvement in verbal section.

The mentorship program provided the customized touch for the students and encouraged students to perform better with right strategy and focus. This human touch to the prep was what I needed after 4 failed attempts. I worked with Dhananjay (DJ) during my preparation and he was the constant motivator for me as he knew that I not high on confidence after failed attempts. He provided an initial strategy to go through the course. After I have gone through the content, I was provided a plan to build my ability through the ability quizzes. As I moved closed to my exam date, DJ provided a 15 day exam readiness plan to prepare me for the exam day. This exam readiness plan helped me work on my timing strategy that I used during the exam. DJ was very reachable during the entire course and helped me achieve my target score.

Scholaranium provided insights into the type of questions that I was getting wrong. This data driven approach helped me identify gaps in my preparation and guided me to concepts or process that I needed to revise or needed to get polished to it right in exam.

In terms of content of the course, verbal course is one of the best that I came across during my preparation. The focus on getting the process right for solving each type of question led me to use a structured approach (3 stage process) for each question. This provided clarity during the exam as I was not left on my own to find the right approach and also led me to reduce the time required to solve each question. Moving on to the quant course, it is one of the most comprehensive course. It covered all concepts that are tested on GMAT. The course is structured in such a way to develop a good memory of concepts on topics such as number properties or geometry. The quant course pushed my quant score from 49 to 50.

I will be happy to address any further queries. Please drop a message on LinkedIn.

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Sandeep Jain

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