August 07, 2020

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Solid solution to the GMAT challenge!


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Course GMATWhiz GMAT Prep

Location Online

GMATWhiz course stands apart because of its ability to customize as per one’s strengths and weaknesses. For a newbie, the biggest challenge is to plan without much information about what to study and how much time to dedicate. This problem is completely solved with the GMATWhiz course as it provides a complete schedule for the entire duration of the preparation using AI.

The lectures are extremely detailed and appropriately paced. The questions provided are as per the GMAT standard and the explanations are very informative. There are loads of questions to practice from.

The most amazing part was the constant support provided by Piyush Beriwala sir. He would not only help me understand the exam better but also motivate me during the lows.

Even the private tutoring sessions with Sunita Singhvi ma’am were a good opportunity to truly learn one’s grasp on concepts.
I made the right choice with GMATwhiz.

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