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Course Target Test Prep Flexible Prep

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Before this course, my GMAT score was stuck at the 650 level. I was always good at math but my quant score wasn't reflecting it. Target Test Prep helped my re-familiarize myself with math topics I haven't studied since high school and really solidify my math skills. I rushed through the course (spent about a month with it) but was able to increase my quant score from a 42 to a 49 during this time frame. I am sure if I spent another few weeks that score could be higher.

The biggest difference I felt going into the exam after using Target Test Prep was that I felt confident that I could answers most questions on the exam.

Full disclosure: I had taken another review course prior to TTP that did a great job teaching me test taking tactics and laid a foundation for my quant and verbal skills. Supplementing those Quant skills with Target Test Prep was a great combination.

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