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First of all, I consider myself lucky to be writing this review. Never thought of doing this one day. Special thanks to e-gmat team!!

It is easier to help a student who is already on V30+ and looking for a better score in verbal. Actual challenge is to show the way to someone who started from V20s. By the way, that was me. I started my GMAT journey in 2015 with my first official score of 540 (Q41 V23). I was devastated but more than that I was perplexed. I gave some 120+ hours on my studies, solved all the OG questions with decent accuracy and was confident too. However, the GMAT was not at all happy with my performance.

Thereby, I started searching for a course which can give me answers to my questions. Needless to say, I tried a lot of options earlier, but it was e-gmat course which caught me eye.

E-gmat tremendous course content, experts support and root cause fixing approach helped me get comfortable in verbal for the first time during my entire GMAT journey.

I would recommend e-gmat verbal to someone who really wants to work on the root theme of GMAT verbal pattern and not just clearing the exam. It would not just help you score better in GMAT but also make you understand business english better.

I made a whooping improvement of 130 points with my recent score of 670 (Q49, V33).

Thanks e-gmat team for being such a great influencer in my GMAT journey and helping students all over the globe to reach their target score.

PS: I was also a student of e-gmat Quant online course and improved my score from Q41 to Q49.

Good Luck and Best Wishes!!
Sumit Bramhe

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