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Tremendous Improvement - Diagonastic Q32 to Real Q44


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I had very very rusty math and on diagonstic test I scored Q32. I was searching for something solid and found TTP on internet. I browsed the site and it got hold of me - it was like love at first sight.
The only mistake I did was, I did not buy it via gmatclub's marketplace and missed additional discounts. This happened because I was a visitor to this gmatclub and used this forum just to see reviews on GMATclub, and I was not a member.

The course is very very nicely structured and user interface is clean and neat. You have very detailed theory for every chapter and then the concepts are reinforced by means by easy, medium and hard tests at the end of every chapter. Also, you can create your own customized quizes/tests.
I am NOT a video person and the answers in plain text made sense to me - precise & step-wise. Of course, there are video explanations as well for the ones who love it.
Moreover, the course ensures that you won't forget the chapters you learnt in beginning, while you are learning new ones. It offers you periodic reviews in plan and tests for the topics you had covered so far. Just follow the plan and you are all set.

I was on and off studies during my preparation, which got elongated to almost 16+ months and I had to repurchase the course as my subscription had ended - Jeff/Scott were generous to give me good discount then and afterwords.

Because of unexpected events in my personal life(my wife's sudden illness and surgery, my 2 yr daughter was falling sick often) and professional life (got promotion but it brought new assignments and changed schedules), I had to take breaks - a month long and sometimes 2 month long breaks.
Because of the breaks I kept forgetting few of the things I did learn in beginning. I had done all the 2500 problems almost twice and was exhausted with OG 15,16,17 guides for verbal and moreover my wife also got tired of this long preparations and I had to wind up GMAT. I scheduled it on Oct 31,2018 and scored 600 (Q44 V28 IR3).
The course did wonders to me from diagnostic Q32 to Q44 on real GMAT. Had I been more disciplined and consistent in my studies, I definitely could have reached 48-49 with this wonderful course. my ESR revealed the same weak areas, what the course was telling me.

My sincere advice is just be disciplined, follow the plan, within the course, read the strategies, that are included.
Don't rush through the course take the time to work and solidify your concepts and it will do wonders.
I definitely am going to retake this wonderful course even for my next attempt.

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