October 23, 2020

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4weeks to 740(Q49,V40,IR7) GMAT online- 1st attempt


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Course e-GMAT Online Intensive

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I gave the GMAT Online exam on August 14th,2020 after a month of intense preparation and got a score of 730(Q49,V40,IR7). This was my first attempt of the GMAT exam.

While browsing online during the start of GMAT prep days, I saw that there was a free seminar on CR hosted by e-GMAT and signed up for it to compare my ability with others. I found the seminar very useful and signed up for the e GMAT online - Verbal and Quant package.

I used the e-GMAT study planner to create a 3 and a half week 11 hr a day study plan.

Math and quant came easy to me so the course was used to gain a faster/better way of solving certain problems rather than working on fundamentals. But for people that find Math hard use the course diligently.

The verbal is the section that e-GMAT really excels at. The course helps build the fundamentals, provide a way to look at SC, RC and CR with logic and meaning. The support team was really helpful with clarifying any questions or doubts I had.
I would recommend e-GMAT's verbal package for everyone trying to improve their understanding of the verbal section.
If the platform is used properly it will definitely help in boosting your score.

Trust the process and study for GMAT with the intention of trying to use the learnings at your work rather than just from an exam point of view.

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